Spa in the hotelroom!

Todays GS race in Maribor started after a decision of the FIS jury, it had been a lot of ? about the snowconditions but they said go and 23 racers had started when they decided to cancel the race cause it was to dangerous and not fair conditions. The snow didn´t hold, it was a lot of tracks and holes on some parts. In one I wanted to race in these swedish apringtime like conditions but on the other hand it´s not good if someone could get hurt and it´s unfair.. It´s no snow at all around here as you will see on the pictures, it´s been raining a lot and it was 8 degrees  warm today and has been the last weeks.
Instead I went to Spar(a grocerystore) and bought some facial stuff, I did my own little spa in the hotel room. On the picture I have the mask on =) it was nice for the skin but honestly I don´t know how big different Niveas facial mask did..
If you put the mouse on the pictures a text will appear.
Now I say good luck for the slalom girls for tomorrows race, go go go!


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