Cortina with love <3

This is totally my favorite place on the tour; I will give you five good reasons why
1: It´s in Italy
2: I won my first and only so far WC race here 2009
3: Normaly I ski good here (almost always sun and hard grippy snow)
4: 5 Torri (the restaurant)
5: Cosy villlge
6: Good coffe, cappucino, espresso you name it!
Me and Dessan went to the gym and did a good leg session there, since I was a bit sick it was a while ago since the last time but I felt strong and it was fun being in a gym again =)
To end the evening perfect we ate at the best restaurant-5 Torri, on the meny; Caprese, Pizza with rocket salad, parmesan, tomatoes and Tiramisu with a macciato to end with, it was fabulous!! So nice, not the last time we will go there this week.


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