Super-G Race is here!

Now it´s time to put the DH away for a day, (better feeling today and more aggresiv but still slow and I missed a gate..) and focus on Super-G, this is my favourite slope to race in and I´ve been looking forward for this day for awile. I will get out and go full, all in that you have to do if you wanna do good. I have start nr 25 and the start is at 10 o´clock, wish me luck =)

This picture is taken from start today, still cloudy but the weather forcast says it will be better tomorrow 


2 thoughts on “Super-G Race is here!

  1. Hi Jessica,
    good luck for tomorrow! If you win, I want to get again your “winner-flowers” as 2 years ago 😉 Okay? 😉 The roses from the bouquet are still dryied between my bed 😀 See you tomorrow (hopefully there is not to much wind)

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