Two less successful days!

Yesterdays SG was a big disappiontment for me I didn´t feel that slow when I was skiiing, though I let the skies go and no big misstakes but when I watched the video afterwards I saw that the real acceleration in to the turn and the wright momentum wasn´t there. I ended up at 25th place.  Happy times for Anja though, she was second after Lindsey and skied really good! Congrats 🙂
Todays DH was not better either, got the yellow flag after 40 sec skiing, the girl before me had crashed and was still in the slope. So I had to borrow my coach jacket and go up to start again.. one lift and the a walk step uphill for a couple of minutes. I felt reloded when I did my second start and the run was ok in the beginning but then the mistakes showed up in more than one place and I finished 36.
So two big disappointments, have to leave it and go forward.
Tomorrow sunday is a new day and I will relax and enjoy skiing down the racehill on the SG with nr 26!
Forgot to tell you that Jonas my boyfriend came thursday, it´s been nice having him around for a couple of days!


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