Sundays Super-G race in Cortina: I was really frustrated after fridays race but I tried to relax and just feel joy for skiing. I had a good flow during the run and let the skies go, much more movement and realeasing than last time. After the first jump I alomost missed a gate but made it back and then in the lower part a was a bit out but keept the skies going so I finished in 13th position and I´m satisfied with that. Now I got on papaer that I can ski fast, that was exactly what I needed! In the evening I flew home to Stockholm, two days at home will do a lot of good for the brain and body, nice to get a new envioronment!

Some pictures from the weekend!
In the finish with a lot of clothes on =)

Lindsey 3 times on the podium this weekend

      25th this friday      
  Podium girls in the SG on friday


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