Bad weather staking the speedtour

Hey hoo!
Yesterday it was a nice day as you can see on the lower picture, cold and sunny and I had 8 rund in the GS course. I trained alone with my coach Andy, really nice to be alone for once it´s not so often, easy and calm and I trained in my own tempo. I really started to find something, that was fun. I try to be deeper between the turns so I have more snowcontact and can go direct on clean edge in to the next turn!
We were on the olympic GS slope from 2006 where Anna Ottosson took a bronze medal for sweden!
I also did 2 good SL runs afterwards, for the combine here in Sestriere on sunday.

Today it was foggy and really snowy but I got some GS runs in. Unfortunately we had som ebad luck with the weather at the speed races this year not all but pretty many days with not so good weather I wish for better tomorrow so Anja can do the DH in an awsome way 🙂
Good night!

Foggy on the slope today

Nice view over the olympic village from Torino/Sestriere 2006


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