Hey ho!
Yesterday was again good training in Reiteralm, I went with the swedish guys and some austrians. 3 runs SG in a little steeper slope. Skiing feels stable and getting better and better 🙂
Afterwards I went 2 runs GS, it was really icy so even the boys had a hard time there… Wish that we women could have a little bit more of that kind of snow thogh or towards that direction. Smooth but icy or really hard.

Training with the swedish guys, Hans Olsson, Markus Larsson and Mats Olsson

We celebrated Sara Hectors junior worldchampion title in GS today at dinner

TV4 a swedish tv channel made  a documentary about us girls in the team, they folowed us during training in Vail and race in Aspen. It was really fun to watch and they made it really good, we are as they make us look like, you see more of the persons we are. I look like the big shopper, ok I like to do shopping once in a while but I do other stuff as well!
And then finally, hopefully race tomorrow. The weather looks so so but cross my fingers. I will start with nr 29 and it´s the last race before world champs! I feel excited.
Just have to put a good word in for Maria Pietilä Holmner, she made a fantastic first run in todays slalom! In the second run she tried but had a misstake so she ended up 8 but still that first run was inspiering! Go girl!
Talk to you soon! Good night


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