Next career, Squash?

Hey ho! Today has been a fun day, Good GS training in Innerkrems with Maria PH, Sara Hector and some guys. Long course, over a minute and good conditions! It had been raining here in reiteralm and not in Innerkrems that´s why we went there.
In the afternoon I was running, sweet to feel the sweat again after a week with less physical training and then afterwards I tried Squash for the first time, it was really fun and you could really get a play even though I was a beginner not as in tennis were it´s so though to get tha ball going for a while. After that I visited the spa, they hava a huge area here at Pichlmayrgut, took a swim outside and then I was sitting in the bubblepool with Dessan! Now I feel loaded with new energy again!

Playing squash with Rudi!

Me, Maria and Sara had a good day in the slope



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