7th in the world!

Yesteraday I got 7th in the Giantslalom in the world championships. The day started with a lot of fog so they postponed the start for 2 hours but we were just sitting in the restaurant talking, some playing on the iphone, watching old skiraces on tv, eating käsebrot (thought it would be a sandwich with cheese on but I got like 10 pices of cheese..)

I was a bit passive in the start of the first but then I got rally late in to the steeper part and from there on I was even more aggresive and was doing long arkes and diving in towards the gates. I finished 14th in the first run. Secong was even better no mistakes and the course were much rounder but I just keep on pushing ad when I came down I was 2nd after Tessa Worley(who finished 3rd). But in the end a lot of people had a though time to get i front of me so I finished 7th!!!
  I enjoyed skiing and had been looking forward to this race.  It´s such a joy to ski GS when everything is fitting and you have the timing even though I don´t remember that much from the second run! Felt good the end the WSC like this and it was in november 2007 I was 7th in a GS the last time.. Have to keep on working on the GS now and then it can be a lot of fun 🙂

Some pictures from yesterday; Dessan massaging my legs before start

In the start gate

Resume from this WSC, Anja took bronze in the Supercombi

The Swedish team took bronze in the team event

Bye bye Garmisch and thank you for this time! The last 5 photos in taking by our team doctor Pär Liljeholm


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