Åre resumé

After a great week in Åre I´m home in Stockholm for a short pitstop, travelling to Italy tomorrow again so it´s just to wash and repack but it´s nice just to be in the appartement!

In Åre we were very lucky with the weather, so beatiful alomst allt he time, a bit cold in the beginning -26 in the mornings but it´s just to dress right then it´s no problem. I had a really positive feeling in the DH training runs, it was pretty slow setting so I feld I wanted to go faster and had good confodent on the DH skies witch I haven´t had in the end.  I had 22nd and 15th time in the training runs.
On friday it was the super combi, I started with nr 7 and tried to go for it but in the second last jump I went to straight and missed the gate afterwards..
On saturday it was DH race and it was a bit faster on top so one gate was a bit tricky to fix and a lot of people went out there and the visability was soso, so I was a bit nervous but I smiled the first gates o get calm and then I enjoyed the skiing on the way down and finished 24th, best DH result this year anyway!
In the SG on sunday I wore bib 1, I really wanted revenge from fridays DNF and I went for it all the way, clean skiing and I had a nice flow and I finished 11th with a great support from the Swedish audience! I feld satisfied with that but it was tight only 40 hundreds of a second to the podium… 🙂

Åre village in sunset

On “olympiaplateau”

A lot of volunteers did a great job

Maria on start

Race slope

autograph signing

We tried the jacuzzi one afternoon, so nice!


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