Hanging in

Yesterday wasn´t really what I hoped for.. I pushed from the beginning but were a bit heavy after the gate in some turns and that killes the speed when it´s so flat. I had 9th and 13th split on the upper part but the 41st in the last part, take took way to much time. I ended up 22nd. At least I had the fastest speed! That was the joy for the day. It´s been a though weekend and I´m really disapointed so today I will have a day off and think about other stuff than skiing and rest my body and get rid of my cold. I´m hanging in, only two more weeks of the world cup and I will take care of every day and every race that´s left.

This will be me for a while today, surfing on swedish websites & reading a book

I´ve got a humidifier from Dominiq Gisin a suisse racer, it´s travel size so I can always have it with me. I´m often dry in the nose so it´s perfect for me, thanks Dominiq!

This was a funny and special Italian comersial in Tarvisio…


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