Lady Gaga watching You Tube

Lady Gaga with 10 year old Maria Aragon

Yesterday was a really easy day, exactly what I needed. After lunch we went to Zell am see to take a coffe and cake in the sun. Such a cute town and just by the lake, I can imagine why people like it there. I think it´s a lot of Swedes going there for skiing.
Today we had really good GS training in Hinterreit, I still have the tajming and feeling in, but I have to fresch up the body and brain a bit so it was good that we could get a lot of runs in today!

I got really amazed yesterday what you tube can do for you if you get the right person to watch your video. I saw a cute canadian girl called Maria Aragon playing keyboard and singing Lady Gagas “Born this way”. Lady Gaga had watched a day when she was down and this little girl have got so much attention in radio stations and tv in north america and Lady Gaga even called her and said she could sing with her in Toronto on her consert, pretty big! Today over 20 million people have watched this video. So the world is full of oppertunitie and it´s so much easier today to make your self heard with all the media like youtube, facebook, twitter and bloging.
You can watch her here! 

Church in Zell am see

Ma and Anja by the lake

Nisse, Anja and me took a cake and a coffe in the sun


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