Last GS race :-(

Giant slalom yesterday didn´t really turn out the way I wanted.. First run was without a rhytm and flow, I didn´t get the skies going so well. I had some misstakes and then you have to restart again, In the step I got stuck in a gate but manage to have the 5th time down the bottom flat anyway. I was 26th after first run.

I had a great opportunity to to better in second cause I had a smoother course but I got stuck in the snow/bump and my skies went in two different directions, I was so pissed and dissapointed that I couldn´t show especially to my self that I can do better than the first run…I needed that! But I´m also lucky that I didn´t injure my self after I had watched it on video. Sara Hector did personal best with a 16th place, that was really fun and Maria PH did season best in GS with a 15th place!  To bad the GS season is over for this time in the world cup but I will come back stronger next year 🙂

Today we continue to Hinterreit for some training before the WC finals in Lenzerheide on the way we will make a pitstop in Linz by my serviceman and his family to have dinner, that will be nice!

Cool suit on a forerunner, maybe she will join the same team as the snowleopard from Olympics


3 thoughts on “Last GS race :-(

    • The WC GS season is over, but I still gonna do some GS training and FIS races in Sweden so I keep using them until I get the new skies with new design and normaly I get them in May to start skiing on them. In GS we use the skies until the edges are finished or the skies to bad to use anymore. /Jessi

      • Thanks for the answer!
        I have to say your blog is great…frequent updates and that you answer to the questions is awesome!
        Keep up the good work!

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