Carlsberg High Five in Åre

Im in Åre again and it’s nice as always  during the weekend I was taking part of Carlsberg Hive Five, an event with pro’s competing with and against amateurs always ending the day with an after ski on Fjällgården! It’s relaxed and a lot of fun to be a part of this kind of events and since I won the competition it glads me even more off course 🙂
Pro’s attending were, Maria Pietilä Holmner, Therese Borsse’n Hans Olsson, Jon Olsson, Andre Myhrer, Markus Larsson, Kaj Zachrisson, Sverre Liljeqvist, Jens Byggmark and some others as well! The weather was soso snowing almost all the time so the Skistar and Carlsberg people who host the event did a great job.

Sverre, Kaj, me and Tessan had a cross country challenge, fun but we lost..

After ski at Fjällgården
More pictures coming when I find Internet for my computer and
Sorry for being so bad updating lately..
Now nationals starts in here, cancelled today due to all the snow that’s been dumping the last week. Talk to you soon!


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