I´ve had a lot of fun the alst week in Åre on Nationals. I took one more gold in GS, that was the funniest one cause it was really thight in the first run between me, Maria PH and Sara H, but in the second run a had a smooth aggresive run and finished 1st 0.6s ahead of the others.
I was leading the combined after SG but I ended up 5th after slalom, I was pretty happy with that anyway. Emelie Wikström took her first Gold on nationals, congrats!!
In slalom yesterday stating with nr 22 I did a decent first run, 9th place but more than 2.5seconds after Maria that was in the lead. Second run was a really good one from me, second time only 0.19s after Maria 🙂 so I ended up 6th.

I visited Peak Performance mountain house and watched when Karin and some others showed a bit of next winters collection, a lot of blue, red and white!

I stod 2 hours in the ski room waxing, doing edges and scraped some skies.. Not the funiest thing but necessery.

Now I´m back in Stockholm. Washing, packing up, met my friend Jennie for a walk downtown and a coffe!


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