Long time no blog..


I´ve been really bad lately.. last time I wrote here was 12 days ago. And now there is a lot to tell.

Last weekend the girls in the team had a bachelorette party for Tessan in the team, she´s getting married this summer 🙂 We fooled here totaly which is actualy the hardest thing. She thought she would go on a ski holiday with here man to be but he droped here of on the airport cause he had a suprice and there we took over. We had a lot of fun during the weeeknd in Åre and it´s nice doing non skiing thing with the girls.

Waiting for Tessan to arrive to Arlanda

Tessan in her Bride to be cap

Then we had some GS FIS races in Björnrike and Klövsjö, Though conditions, soft spring snow some runs, last day last run I had a good feeling so then I could put the GS racing on hold until October 🙂

Beautiful morning in Klövsjö

Veronika and Frida ready to race

Ski funtastic weekend in Sälen/Lindvallen. It´s an annual event that the whole swedish ski team appears in! It´s a races for both men, women young girls and boys in the same slope. The guys has race one days and the ladies the day after. When I was a young girl this was the funniest and most exciting race on the whole year cause I could race in the same slope as the world cup racers as Pernilla Wiberg, Ylva Nowen and Claudia Riegler and then I could get the autographes from them afterwards. So now it feels good to do the same towards the younger ones. We also try to get more people to try other ski sports as ski cross, speed ski, moguls and telemark so they can ski around and try it all on place.
It´s a slalom race and I did ok, I finished 12th 3seconds after Maria PH but in the second run I was 0.8s after Maria and 0.2s after the girl with second best time that run, not to bad.

Big crowd in Lindvallen

Active life and Hello Sweden arrange a legends cup, parallel slalom with Ingmar Stenmark, Bengt Fjällberg, Ylva Nowen, Fredrik Nyberg, Gunnar Neurisser and more..

Our physio Dessan invited us for this years first barbecue, so good, thanks!

Forgot to tell you that I went to “a night with Peter Jöback” (a swedish singer/artist))with my mum, it was nice to hear stories from his life adn he playes really good music!

Okej enough for this time!


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