Skiing exercises


Two good days at the slope, Cold during the Night and Day so it stays hard. Today we did GS turns with normal and short gates with a small stick in the beginning of the turn so we now how high we should be in the line. We want to have a higher line and less pressure after the gate!
GS tomorrow as well and some slalom in the terrainpark 🙂
The team visite the federations new office here in Åre, it’s in the finish area of the world cup arena and it was really nice fixed and good view over the lake!
Early mornings 5.30 so now it’s nighty night!


2 thoughts on “Skiing exercises

  1. Kul att ni tränar i Åre, brorsan min som har pistat fint åt er hihi 🙂
    Ska bli kul när säsongen drar igång igen för d ä så himla kul å följa er i världscupen, alpint på tv ä d bästa 🙂 Å på riktigt med så klart!
    Lycka till!

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