Back to normal

Hej svejs!

Yesterday was a what am I doing and why am I here day on the slope… Not the funniest day I excperienced but some days are just like that. I think we have to have them to appriciate the good ones! I don´t think all of you enjoying life at work every day either?

Today was a new story, I enjoyed good GS skiing and feelt that I was living in the moment and developing my skiing. Saas Fee offered sun and pretty hard conditions today.

Lightning from this friday on the way here, pretty cool to watch on distance

In the gym yesterday, Frida is trying the feeling on the shorter bar

This would have been a sight in the real metro in Stockholm, people coming up in the morning with skies and skisuit..

They have this signes coming up from the train to the top in Saas Fee, feelt a little closer to home when Veronika showed me them today 🙂

Now it´s time for some dryland – (brännboll) google translate it in to rounders but it´s kind of a baseboll game.



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