A tiger in mind

Now I´m back in Zermatt. We started up with DH the first day and since I struggled a bit with that last year, felt unsure by some races and trainings I was a bit nervous going from the top here with a jump an all. It turned out really good though, I felt strong and controlled on the skies. Nice feeling!

Yesterday I stuggled in GS, didn´t really get a good grip and it was preaty slick got harder and harder for each run. Turned out that one screw was loose in the binding.. Then it´s though to get a good grip.

Today was a really good day in SG I felt aggresive and tried to push the limits a bit more. Really enjoyed the skiing today! Thought afterwards that I felt lika a tiger, hungry to go fast and strong & smooth at the same time. Something to continue build on!

On GS start yesterday

Kajsa clown

View from our appartment

SG start today, rollers on the flat is good for me, thats not my best but I´m getting smoother.

Windy on start.. cold as h… and we had to wait a lot cause the swiss had problems with the timing.

Eating lunch at Furri, the best is Rösti mit schinken und spiegel ei

I´m reading a lot in the gondola, it´s relaxing and makes the time go faster. Right now I´m reading Denise Rudberg, “ett litet snedsprång” it´s an elegant crime book from one of my favourite authors.





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