Oh what a day

Yesterday was a though day, normally you get on the lift 7 o´clock in the morning and then you are on the top around 8 – 8,15 depending on if you catch the first gondola or not. The lightning had hit something on top of the mountain and put all power out so we were waiting for 2 hours on the middlestation to get up and then we trained 2 runs of DH, the fog came and went away all the time and it was a bit softer than the days before so I was not feeling as safe and powerfull as the days before…
After second run it started to hail so we put the nets down and started the long way down, they shouls close the whole mountain cause of the bad weather coming in so all people wanted to get down at the same time so we were standing 1.5h just to catch the first gondola down normally it taked maximum 15min. So it was a fight all the way down, hungry and tired with all the equipment and surrounding people. Finally we got lunch at 15!

Running intervalls on that in the afternoon and I sleept so good this night for 10 hours and now it´s a day off and I won´t do a thing more than necessary 🙂 Have a nice sunday!!



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