New clothes =)

So now I´ve been home for a week and I had a good time.
We had a some cake for my grandfater who turned 90 years and he is still joking around with us, that´s nice to see!
I got my new Peak Performance clothes , so now I´m looking forward
to go for some freeskiing in my new stuff =) and also wear the casual clothes.
Always pleasant with new good looking things to wear!
I will show you some pics with the new clothes.




This saturday when we were taking Jonas parents out on a trip with the boat and I was driving, I saw something dark in the water and had to make way for it and then we sae that it was a seal, it was big and I got surprised cause I didn´t know they excisted so far in really close to mainland.. That made my day 🙂

Tomorrow we take off to Mölltal for the annual photocamp, time to sleep now!


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