Fighting way to the slope..

I never been so close to be in a fight like a was the other day when we went up to Stubai glacier. It was really crowded and a Italian guy a couple of years younger than me was pushing from behind all the time. It´s a lot of small kids and they don´t know better but this gut was not a kid so I pushed him with my bagpack onces back and he pushed me a couple of meters forwards and then I got pissed and told him that we will get up the sam time so take it easy.. Then he showed me his fist and asked if I wanted to taste it? I said no thanks!

So much energy goes wasted when you have to fight your way up to the slope.
Day 2 we were allowed to go in the coaches entrance thanks for that.

A lot of mountains ahead far fra away when you get to the top in Stubai
Lojze Debelack – My, Fridas and Marias serviceman that always makes a good job and makes us feel good! He ahd a lot of work this camp since it was stones hiding here and there..
Training outside in the extreme hot weather, you could lay in the bikini without any problem in the afternoons.
Frida and Maria
Veronica on a starbucks / wordfeud paus on Munich airport, we are all into this Wordfeud now, good game for once so you get something out of it as well. It´s a scrabble game were you play online on the phone.



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