Innsbruck by Kajsa, Jessica & Virre

Me and Virre walking in the old town of Innsbruck

Back to life on the blog! Had problems with internet the last week, could write or put pictures up.

We had the weekend off so me, Virre and Kajsa went to Innsbruck one day, just walking around in town, eating lunch outside and drinking coffe, that was really sweet and relaxing!

The last days training been good one day of SG and two days of GS with a little bit more raceinfluence than before, bib on and race the first run.
The feeling is good so I feel ready to race now, getting full of all training and I really wanna be hungry on saturday so I didn´t do to many runs today.

Finally in Sölden again now and back on Tyrolerhof, one of the favourite hotels on the tour. The food is amazing 🙂
Tomorrow is a easy day with some lite physical training and presskonferens otherwise nothing more.

So goodnight for now!!


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