Photo: Nisse Smith

Today was the first world cup race this year and it went really well.
I felt calm and relaxed the whole morning and just did the same as in training in the first run, it was smooth solid skiing and I nailed the exit of the steep out into the flat pretty good so there I catched some time. I had the 7th time in the first run, felt pleased with that and was really happy!


Photo: Nisse Smith

Thanks Nisse for great photos!!

Before the second run I felt a touch of butterflies in my stomach but felt quit calm when I went away, strted good but had a misstake in the middle of the pitch and didn´t get the same tajming on the flat bit I finished 8 and I am really satisfied with that!!! Now I can relax a bit cause I know I´m on the right way but still I have to keep the tempo until the next race in Aspen in a month. This is my second best reault in GS in the WC, I was 7th here 2002 and 7th last year on the world champiuonships in Garmisch, so this is fun way starting the season 🙂

Photo: Nisse Smith

I´m also really happy for my teammate Maria PH who did 2 good fats runs and finished 5th that´s great to see that your back in business Majsan!!! And a super day for Sweden I would say, so all the compliments to the coaches, service and people around us doing a good job!



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