City day with Julia :-)

Julia is my niece and we had a lovely afternoon downtown yesterday, doing some shopping and rounded up with a dinner

Dinner at Supper with Anna, and Maria (Jonas, Maria Dee were also there)

They had the best Marängschviss as dessert, yumi! Just showing some random pictures from the last weeks

A walk i Falun with mum, Ulla (Jonas mother) , Jonas and Filip

Some likes lying in the curtain

Mum and Ulrika (and Lennart, friends to the family) watched the race in Sölden, nice having them around!

It was the first year I saw the parade from all the fan clubs in Sölden, Tessa Worley had a cool one, TESSA letters on fire.

Last day in Stubai last week, it was windy as hell on the way down, the gondola stopped all the time and it was acctually scary, not often that happends.. So me and Kajsa took some pictures to show our feelings by the time…

So this was a short summary from the past weeks, ow time to get to bed cause tomorrow is the second day with physical tests for me.


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