Celebrity Glamour

When we came here in Stubai it was one lady that was a bit more fancy and classy then the rest of the guests. It turned out she was here practicing skiing but for disabled cause she´s using a prosthesis.
Her name is Heather Mills, walking on high heels so much better than I could ever dream of and that with a prosthesis, that´s amazing. She even wears high heels to sweatpants, that´s glam for real =)
I had to ask her yesterday a bit about skiing and she started to train last year 42 years of age and she only likes downhill and Super G cause she´s not affraid,this year she will start racing, pretty cool for for a former model and also Paul Mccarneys ex wife…
That did put some glamour to my day 🙂

Me and Heather Mills

By the way todays skiing was cancelled due to storm up there so it´s been pretty slow. But we were playing fotbolltennis, that´s always fun and then a session core on the gym.


So we have been pretty active anyway today, good with some extra time at the gym just to make these things that you might forgett somtimes, like some balans stuff and extra streching. Offcourse these days includes a lot of coffe aswell 🙂



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