Tweet, Twitter, retweet

Hmm Twitter, that´s a totally new world for me. Bacame a member yesterday and for now I´m just there undercover to follow and comment others, but in the future maybe be more ego and write for my own. So much for so little or what is acctually the thing with this? Will be fun somehow with a new (I know I´m a little behind..)socialmedia to discover 🙂

Yesterday and today was 2 rally good days for me, Gliding turns as some call it yesterday, easy SG, good for the feeling and to tests skies aswell.
Today we skied in the steap part and I found IT today, good feeling especially in the pitch so now I´m on the right way in SG!! Super day, with sun and winter conditions, hardpacked snow that was grippy.
GS for some runs afterwards and that was fun and I found more movement the last run. Was a little tricky to be gentle on the skies, it is easy to push to hard..

Slope nr 21 or Hellis baby


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