Living in Elsas World

It´s been a great training week in Stubai, but yesterday morning I had headache and my throat was sore so after training I felt done with skiing for this time and I was tired so I took a ride with Sara and Maria to Munich and flew home this morning. Better to be home and rest and be healthy so I´m fit for the states.

Nice GS turnes in the pitch

So crowded yesterday in Stubai, but it´s good conditions and full beam so I understand why they are going there.

Reading Sofi Fahrmans book “Elsas Värld” on the way down from the slope, dreaming away into Elsas world in Stockholm that contains blogging, fashion, love and fighting her way up as a fashion editor, just love it!


first time ever the plane reschedule it´s time to 10 min earlier then planed 🙂 that can only happen on budget airlines as Norwegian and maybe Ryanair.. wonderful weather up in the sky today anyway.


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