United States of America

In Vail, colorado, USA. The trip over was good, perfect flying Stockholm- Frankfurt-Denver. We stay just across from the lift at Manor Lodge Vail in appartements and share with Kajsa, she´s in the King size bed and I took the Murphy bed also called pull down bed cause you pull it out of the wall. So I´m in the living room, nice to have your own space while your sleeping aspecially when you having a bit of jet leg and wakes up a couple times a night.

All the bags arrived 🙂 skies were send before with a cargo so no hassle at all just grab the bags and go..

We had dinner at Trapness familys home 2 days ago. Friends from our trainer Pierre, nice to see such a lovely huge home, thanks for a great dinner!

The pitch were we train, GS yesterday was good, nice to be back on this grippy snow and do some gates.

Finally a gingerbread latte on Starbucks, yummi!

Kajsa and Pavel were also enjoying coffe

Offcourse we had time for some shopping as well, we made a pit stop in Denver on the way up to Vail and I bought new running shoes, and some christmas gifts 🙂
We had a afternoon down in Silverthorn were it is outlets, found some good stuff there.

Now it´s time for breakfast and then getting out to the slope, after lunch we move on to Aspen and take a day off tomorrow.

Bye for now //Jessica


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