Race time Aspen!


It´s a nice car drive from Vail to Aspen, cool red mountains

We were eating breakfast as every year on Poppycooks the first morning when we arrived in Aspen. I took AMerican oatmeal pancakes with fruits on 🙂

Dessan and Maria on the way home from dinner

Prada – perfect window shopping

Me and Maria taking a coffe after our jeans shopping

A nice day yesterday, with some activation training after having our annual breakfast. Then lunch at Boogies and then staying at Boogies for 1.5 hour more with Maria trying jeans on, I don´t lie if I say I tried 25 different pairs, they are really helpfull in that store and they have the best sortiment of jeans.
We walked out of there sweaty and happy with 2 pair of jeans each!

Today we had freeskiing on the hill, good snow underneath the new snow that came this night so I think it will be good tomorrow.
I´m exited to race again tomorrow and my bib is 22!! We strarting at 10.15 so in Europe time 18.15, cheer for us!
Now I really need to sleep..





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