Anna, me and Frida exited to race in Aspen

Im happy with the race in Aspen, two good runs but with some small misstakes in so there is more to give, that feels good. I bit of a relieve that I overcame this slope in Aspen cause it hasn´t really been my best place before, the last three years I was 31 st… I finished 10 so the second topp ten out of two attempts 🙂

Best Maria was second in Aspens slalom yetserday, so happy for her and a great start of the slalom season. Frida did a good job as well by being 10th and Anna 16th!

Training at 24hour fitness yesterday in Denver, stairs seems to be a big thing here, don´t think we have does at home. You walk normally and sideways if you wish. A guy came and asked if me and Kajsa were competing in weight lifting, haha that´s a good grade!

Our travell over to Canada was really shitty, first the plane was late for 2 hours cause we didn´t ahve ant crew for the plane and then they cancelled it cause it was way to windy in Calgary to land there… We were rebooking for 1.5h and finally the put in a extra flight for today. 10hours spend on Denver airport is not the most fun. We sleept some hours in Denver and then headed out for the airport again. The plane was late again but finally we got here to Lake Louise were it´s actually winter and so much snow I never seen on myu 7 or 8 years here.

We had time for some chicken wings

Nice views this morning

Winter here i LL

Our luggage.. and now it´s time for sleep again /Jessi


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