Downhill demons

took me yesteday on the slope.. It was the first DH training for this season and I wasn´t that nervous on start but it was really dark so you couldn´t see much and it was pretty soft and bumpy. When I was out there the DH demons made me passive and stiff, I was far back on the list when I came down.
My goal is to be fast on sundays SG but it´s good to get some runs in the slope and feel the speed.

Nice view by Lake Louise were we are staying

Afternoon tea with scones was the plan but we were to late so hot choclate and tea we got instead. Anna and Julia having a chat.

Anna looked great today

Good to sit down and just chat and drink a chocolate this afternoon. Today the downhill went better. I skied today and it´s so much easier for me when the sun is out!

I had to measure my boots and plomb my suit. I have never seen this machine before that FIS Andy measure the suits with. They make sure that they don´t let through to much air. There´s a regualtion on minimum 30 something( I don´t know what term they use)

Andy testing my suit

Stenke –  second day on a position in speed and he does a good job


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