Lovely day at work!

By the leader board, not for long but at least it´s nice to be there!

Enjoyable day I would say, clear blue sky, full beam and super conditions at the slope. I was really exited to race here again, cause I did good results in the past and I like the hill. I had a good run without big misstakes and a nice flow in. I finished 7 and I´m happy but the body isn´t fullt satisfied, probably cause I want more.. But this is great start off the SG season and on wednesday it´s time again in Beaver Creek for SG.
Lindsey Vonn took her third victory today, that´s amazing, she skies so smooth and well. Congrats!!

Kajsa did a great job today by finishing 13th!

Team Mancuso, Anna and Julia finished 3rd, second podium within almost a week!!

The big truck that will take our equipment to Beaver Creek

Bye Bye Lake Louise for this time, now on a pit stop in San fransisco we´re flying, Calgary-san fransisco-reno(sleeping)-denver-Beaver Creek!


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