Birds of Prey

That´s the name of the race slope for tomorrow, the mens always race here so it´s fun that we got the chance to race here as well. For them it´s a really challenging hill but we start furter down witch was a little bit of a dissapointment from my point of view ( I like the steep) and we don´t go over the big jump on the end. But it´s gonna be fun and it´s a lot of terrain in so I have to be smooth. Starting with nr 12!

On the way here we flew to Reno and had time to go to Lake Tahoe, it was a beatiful place and it gave me a lot of energy to breath the fresh air and just watch the water and the mountains!



Kajsa and me had fun on Kings beach

Today we trained with the americans in Vail and Leanne Smith thought me some new adjustments on my camera like with this picture just focusing on the blue in the picture and makes the things around more black and white

It was really cold, – 22 in the morning so finally I could use my Hannibal mask 🙂 love it

We flew over San Fransisco on the way to Reno.. I would reallt like to go back there one day, nice city. Time to gain some strenght during the night! Nighty


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