Win – Win situation

Alpes hôtel du Pralong *****.

This is were we stay here in Courchevele, really nice and fancy place but still the staff are polit cause sometimes when we stay at nice hotels they don´t like us cause we have so much stuff and coming to breakfst in jogging pants instead of high heels but here they treat us the same as everone 🙂

Snow, race/no race, storm, planning, traffic caos and snow again has been the most freequent words the last two days. It´s been snowing like hell both yesterday and today and it will come some more tomorrow. They have changed the plan so we will race GS on sunday instead of tomorrow cause of the weather situation.
For me it´s a win – win situation, Case one I will race on sunday and that we be a lot of fun and if they decide to move the GS race to later on during the season, I will fly home and celebrate christmas with some friends on sunday ❤ that´s super as well! Time will show..

This morning

Yesterday we tried to train in Veysonnaz but it was soft and I got  a puder run in..

On the car train from Kandersteg to Goppstein, I was driving alone yesterday from Zürich and it´s sweet to be alone driving, listening to your own music!

In France you have to eat crepé so we did


Good luck for all slalom girls in the team, we have 7 slalom phantoms that´s eager to ski fast, go Sweden!!


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