2012 new year but same rutins

2012-01-02 the first training day this year started with a beatiful sunrise in Petzen, Austria.

I stay in Slovenia in the middle of nowhere but in a good hotel. Felt good leaving hotel post in Ramsau, I wouldn´t recommend anyone to stay there. It said 4 stars but you could find maybe 2 if you were looking really hard.. And they were not service minded at all..

Wake up call 5.30, breakfast 5.45 and then off to the slope.
Windy as hell yesterday so they closed the area for tourist so we had a lot of time to train up there. I felt that it was a while ago since I stood on the long skies.
Today it was snowy and it came some during the night but we could train SG anyway a little soft but ok to ski.
Tomorrow we leave for Bad Klein Kirchheim.
I miss my friend and tourmate Kajsa that´s still at home doing rehab for her shoulder. Hope she will be back strong soon again!!



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