Back to Gossip girl and good memories

Training in Petzen, beatiful sunrise again I think it´s magic

I reed about the storm Emil in Sweden and I can assure you thats Emils little brother was by me in Petzen the other day.. Windy like hell so they closed the lift after 2 runs and we had to wait 1 hour to for the gondola to start so we could get off the mountain.
At least 3 days with long skies on.

New place: Bad Kleinkirchheim, I was here 2006 and I only have good memories cause Nike Bent were second on the downhill one day and I finished 7th and Anja won the other day so it was a Swedish slope by that time!
I supposed to train DH today but it was a missunderstanding cause I didn´t go the first training and then I couldn´t get in again cause they pulled me off the board but it was anyway cancelled today so I didn´t miss any cause of that. We went for GS training in Innerkrems, a lot of snow came but I manage to do some gates anyway felt good.

Now I´m tired and empty.. Totally in to Gossip girl again as a was when I started blogging about a year ago 🙂 time flies when I watch it, Cool outfits, good looking people, New York and a good story how can it not be exciting?

Good night /Jessan


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