Happy anniversary – 1 year of blogging

The view from our hotel

This is the absolute favourite on the WC tour – Cortina will always be a special place for me. Here I won my first and only so far WC victory. It was 3 years ago in SG!
This is my ninth year here and almost every year I start to ski good in Cortina cause I´ve been a slow starter in the season earlier. Changed this year though 🙂
The food here is incredible, the cappucino excellent the surroundings amazing – all good! The only thing missing this year is Jonas cause he noramlly visit me here but we did another plan this time…



Since it´s a year that I started blogging I have to thank all readers, it´s always fun knowing that some of you follows me through everything, I´m learning things about my self while writing for you aswell.
Here it´s my first contribution to the blog :

This week it will be alot of pictures!! Now it´s time for lunch
xoxo Jessica


2 thoughts on “Happy anniversary – 1 year of blogging

  1. Great Jessica 🙂
    Thank you so much for writing so often in your blog. It’s very interesting reading here.
    3 years ago i was also in Cortina, as well as this weekend! So happy to see you there.
    Hopefully a good race 😉

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