Season best!


Adrenalin pumping through the body, taking three deep breaths, a sip of my drink and then “arme” 20 second to go. Clutching the pools together “10s”, finding a good position with the pools and the body just wanna get out of the gate. “5s” and you´re allowed to go.

The start of Cortinas SG is magic, you only see the first gate and when you have passed it it´s just to push as hell down the Toufana pitch in to the sun and skies are running smooth through the perfect hardpact snow. For me it´s lika a lovestory coming to Cortina every year!
Yesterday I finished 6th, the best result so far this season and only 0,17s to the podium. I was second on topp but didn´t go clean enough in curva grande so I missed a little time there but I´m satisfied with my performance and result!
Lindsey Vonn won and she skied so good and on the limit all the way, congrats once more.

Put some pictures toghtere from this week.
Now I´m in Hinterreit,Austria on the farm. A day off is exactly what I needed!


Happy after yesterdays race, nervous to wait and see the final position in the finish!

A lot of live tv production this weekend, fun that SVT came and visit us

Swedish maffia in the finish

Church downtown

Celebrating Mickes birthday with a nice dinner!

Best birthday cake ever Micke said 🙂

A must if you visit restaurant 5 Torri – Caprese, Mozarella so soft (never get´s that at home..) with Tomatoes

French/Monogask tradition, Cake of the King. You eat a cake and some get a king or queen figure inside I found the Queen!

Zlatan is everywhere, found him in a small shopp..

One Cappucino each day at Duca D Aosta.
Thanks Cortina for this time, as lovely as every year!!


2 thoughts on “Season best!

  1. Congratulations on another great result! You are skiing so consistently fast that it must be a joy for you. Thank you sharing your photos and insights. Have a good rest day in Hinterreit.

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