Different week

It´s been a strange week, I did have some things in my stomach which I didn´t like, Maria got injured, my mother had a surgery for her hip (that was planed), read about Sarah Burke that didn´t make it after her crash and passed away (never meet her but she´s one of the biggest profiles on the womens side on skies) and my grandfather (my fathers father) sadly died yesterday. He was 97 years old and just fell asleep more or less so the time had come for him but though anyway…
I feel good now anyway and will turn this things around to some positive things tomorrow hopefully!
Looking forward for another GS race and this hill is nice to ski, starting with nr 20.

Headcoach have been home for a couple of days so he´s full of energy now!

Viva la france, French ladies waiting for freeskiing on the hill, thanks Virre for this three nice pics!!

Kajsa is back in the game 🙂 and she will race tomorrow, welcome back!!

Me and Frida visited Lojze yesterday at his home, got some coffe and a huge cake, tasted good both of them

Lojze meeting Ingmar Stenmark when he was a kid and recieved a prize in waterskiing



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