Skied into first group!

Kajsa stayed and cheer for us in the second run

Fredrica Brignone,  crossing the finish and takes the lead for some seconds.

But then Tessa Worley comes and win the race, congrats!

Worley, Brignone, Rebensburg top 3 in GS

A big crowd on place =)

Cool military chooper

So another race has come to an end, I was skiing in slow motion the first run, I really tried to push but I didn´t get any movement or pressure down in the skies. I was standing to much straight over the skies instead of getting the skies away from the body so you create angels and pressure = speed. I also skied to round and then you don´t get any help with forces to come in the turn.
I was really dissapointed after first run and I felt reallt tired after being away for a month..

I refocused and felt more relax in the second run, tried to risk more and go straighter and it succeded, I had second time in the socend run and anvanced from 23rd palce to 12th witch mean that next race I will be strating top 15 for the firat time ever 🙂 sweet!

Now home for a week, so nice I really need to load my batteries and fill upp my energy!

Talk to later, hava a nice week! //Jessan


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