Week review

Semla at Tösse

I´ve been eating a few of these at home, I just love them especilly when they´re from Tösse bakery, They have the best ones.

Was suprised when it was white in Stockholm when I came home, it´s brighter, more beatiful and people gets happier.

I watched Jonas on a race at home but unfortunately he struggled the third gate in the first run… That´s slalom I would say, part of the game.

Mälaröarnas race slope was in a good shape
I´ve got a new freeride helmet  and googles from POC 🙂 so thrilled and really looking forwards to use it soon!
Nice morning walk on Djurgården just before I left home yesterday!

Trained Slalom today for the first time in almost 4 months, I enjoyed a lot and skiing wasn´t to bad!

Started with SG in the early morning!

Running in the nice weather in the afternoon
So this was the review from my week at home. I took vacation from the blog and email, but for sure not from Wordfeud 😉 haha..
I was really tired when I came home after 4 weeks away, tha body was working better and better during the session in the week but it took some time for the head to get fresh again. I´ve been quite busy, meeting a lot of friends this time, so nice to catch up and seeing both of my sisters and parents makes me happy. Quality time with Jonas is fore sure the best!
Time for take off towards Hinterreit, Suppose to be a camp for me and Maria but she´s as you know at home, so it´s a one man show this three days.
I´m not often late but many time s a last minute girl, I was the last one to enter the plane this time no more description needed.. So a bit back to the roots cause I learned to take more time these days.
Good day in Hinterreit SG in the morning and then enjoyed zick zack slalom, so fun when you haven´t done it for a while!


2 thoughts on “Week review

  1. Jessi! Kul att se dig på slalom skidorna! Hade så gärna velat vara där med dig, årets bästa plan.. Men att läsa hur ni har det får mig att kännas som en del ändå!!
    Hälsa alla & bonden!! Stor kram!

    • Bra!! Då fortsätter jag uppdatera =) Bonden frågade om dig idag! Här är det sig likt luktar stek os så in i norden, haha så jag tror jag ska använda samma tröja alla dagar för att spara på de andra.
      Kul att du kunde cykla runt idag, det går fort fram för dig!

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