Another beatiful and really cold morning. SG training in the morning and then GS after a short break. Really quite to train all alone, it´s peaceful and I enjoy it for a couple of days.
In Giant slalom I went tgether with 2 German girls, Vicky Rebensburg and Kathrin Hoelzl but Vicky didn´t start from the top so I didn´t get the best comparison but I had a good feeling today and the farmer Peter that owns the slope and the palce where we stay had made the pist in an awsome shape 🙂
In the lift a was thinking about fat, they say it should warm the body but my ass is the coldest spot on my body and there I have for sure some fat. It doesn´t make sence…
After lunch a took a long nap for 1 hour and it was really tough to get up… But I made it and finish today with a strenght sesison at the gym!

Lojze was driving the ski doo this morning!


2 thoughts on “Cold

  1. Man fryser om det som står ut! Näsa, fingrar, tår, rumpa. Har hört att vissa även fryser om brösten men eftersom jag tillhör den bröstlösa årgången -81 så är det inget jag känns vid.

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