The best picture from yesterday – Swiss physio Susanne carshed here  in Garmisch Partenkirchen on the icy pist last year ad hit her head and had to be brought away with helikopter but this year she prepered with a pillow inside the jacket so the head should be protected incase of a new fall.. Pretty smart I must say!

Finally I got my new skies, mens S3 178cm. It´s a rocker for offpist but you can still use then in the pists as well, looking forward to use them 🙂

Kajsa and Lotte joking arround before start

It was cold yesterday so Anja taped her cheeks I choose to use the mask

Carolina Ruiz Castillio and Johanna Schnarf talking about the course

I wasn´t that nervous yesterday, witch was nice and slope is in a good shape some bumps at some parts but still ok. It starts with a big a jump already at the top, it´s a short ramp so you take off really quick and it´s high, you rise straight away and it goes about 40m. I got a bit surprise when I came there did´nt think it should be soo high but at least my jump was good!
Made it all the way down, static skiing and passive, I try to step forward and charge but it´s though so I take it as it is..

Today is a day off, nice to rest the body and do some other stuff, have some things that I have to organise and do so my office hours starting now.

Enjoy your day!



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