Viva la Andorra

Nice with a own gondol in Andorra, Soldeu 🙂

Big congrats to Frida that did 2 good slalom runs and ended 2nd today!!! So fun to see her on the podium 🙂

Some pics from the this trip; is there a flew going on again? A lot of Japanese were wearing this mask over the mouth and nose..

Crowded on the runway in Zurich a long line to get in the air

Looked like summer in Barcelona – I have a lot of good memories from this city, nice with a big town and beach at the same place b ut this time I just passed through.

Spanish countryside from Barcelona to Andorra, nice new roads.

Shopping in Andorra La Vella with Frida and Dessan, a big city actually with cheep prices on parfumes, clothes and boose. I didn´t buy anything though, good girl!

Fun in the car

Tomorrow it´s hopefully a GS race, so then I try to start topp 15 for the first time (again), that´s gonna be fun!!
Super good day for all the slalom girls, Tessan was 6th and Anna Swenn Larsson 14th (personal best) sweet for Sweden.

//Proud and happy team mate!


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