To Russia

Before taking off to Russia, Jonas came down to Zurich so we could meet for a day, that was nice to see eachother live and not have to talk through the phone or skype 🙂

Had lunch and a walk in Zurich

Checking in to Sochi not the normal check in

Kajsa ready to meet her Balkan love..

Half of the plane were full with our luggage, no “please put the bags in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you” . But we made it to Sochi saftley any way.

For best quality choose Balkan Holiday (my seat)

The race in Andorra didn´t really turn out the way I wanted, maybe I had to high expectations on my self and wanted to much? I was a bit tense for the first run and that´s not my best way to be. I skied stiff and wanted to be high in the line so I should not push to hard in the aggresive snow but I skied soft and round uphill after the gate, not the way to do it.
Second run, nothing to loose and I felt relaxed and just went for it and then I skied good again. I was 29th after first run and ended up 19th so at leat some points with me.

The travel to Russia was not to bad, just different checking in outside, just to but the stuff on a trolley and the luggage inside the plane otherwise as normal. We flew to Sochi and then bus shuttle for 1 hour to Rosa Khutor were we stay. Didn´t see much of Russia in the dark, but here it´s not to much to see here, they built hotels in the middle of nowhere and then it´s nothing more and nothing less.
The slope have a good potential to be nice for speed but yetsrday was to soft and bumpy for my taste. But a lot of terrain in and 2 jumps so it will be fine. Yesterday due to wind we had to slow down and brake before the jumpes otherwise it was a bit tricky cause were it was turning it was tough to get around when it´s so soft, I think 60% of the girls made all the gates!

Today Cancelled cause of the snow that came this night.. Hopefully better during the weekend!


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