Sochi – no racing

Some pictures from Rosa Khutor, just 2 hotels open and then the rest is empty buldings that is not done and some houses they just strated building

2 days ago we had a really good day, sunny and I got a better picture of this place the mountains looked better it´s still not Wow like you feel at some places but ok. Micke, Anja and florian(AUT) in the picture

Happy to see the sun

Finish area

This morning it was snowing again..

I was a bit unlucky yesterday cause after racer nr 51 they stopped the race cause of fog and then I was waiting for 1hour on start and then they cancelled so I ate lunch 16.30.. new record I think, It wasn´t meant to be maybe. The last DH training I had a good feeling in DH and was skiing not just going with the skies and that was the first time I enjoyed DH this year and then I wasn´t allowed to race but anyway..
Today it was really bad snow in some turns already on inspection. When we finished the inspection they called us up for another one cause they had to reset the course in the lower part were it was so soft.. First time they reset a SG and have a 2nd inspection. Anyway prior to start they cancelled the race, it wasn´t safe enough and almost all races agread on that aswell.
So I got two training runs at least this week so I know how the slope lookes like and I like it, I smelled the Russina air so that feels good towards the Sochi 2014 olympics.

Time to leave Russia tomorrow for Bansko, new place again!
Interresting 🙂 I´m jealous of the onces that will race in Moscow, I would also like to go there, it was close cause a l0ot of racers is injured or didn´t wanna go but maybe next time…
Night night //Viken


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