Balkan tour goes on!

beautiful sunset the first morning here in Bansko

The travel to Bansko, Bulgaria went well but it takes a lot of energy so I´ve been sleeping a lot =)
Trained GS both yesterday and today on good conditions. Nice with some tech again, and two good physical sessions felt good after last weeks cold = not so much training.
Otherwise Bansko is on the positive side so far, I heard so much bad things about this place coming here so it´s nice when it showed a better side. The ski area is huge and it´s a village like a winter charter place, party every day of the week and tourist traps.
Tough to get a sleep with the disco pumping outside and people screaming in the night so earplugs is a most!

The longest gondola ever takes us up to the finish of the race slope

I enjoyed freeskiing yesterday in the sun, checking out the area

Kajsele and Peter starting the 20min long gondola ride, trying to find the highest nr on the cabins today.

Good night friends time for beaty sleep 🙂


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