Pancake of the day

Perfect pancakes just across the road from the hotel (the magic pancake man is in the background)

pancakes and hot dog in a kiosk strange mix but it tasted really good, almost like home. We ordered 2 each cause I said that they are normally small but no chance to eat both of them unfortunately.
One was with only sugar and the other one with chocolate and banana 🙂

When I was running the other day I passed this house 5 times cause I didn´t want to run to far away from the village cause it´s kind of a ghetto out there… But anyway the thing was that it stood a horse there then totally free, no leach or fence just staring at me. surprised how he stayed there and didn´t explore the surroundings but I guess he was addicted to his food which was there by the house.

My original plan was not to ski today, take a day off but I was pissed after yesterdays performance in DH I wanted more( good top split and a section in the middle) so I went today anyway and that I´m glad for. Better skiing all the way, some mistakes but I feel good on the long skies and this was my best run in a long time!

For those of you that doesn´t know Swedens crown princess Victoria and her husband prince Daniel had a baby daughter yesterday her name is Estelle, so cute!! Congratulations to them. Every day baby princesses are born but this girl is a princess for real 🙂
Woop Woop!


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