Thanks Ofterschwang!

Another great day in Ofterschwang!
I´m really happy with todays 7th place, really turny in the first run and the total opposite in the second, straight and fast. Fun to be able to ski both in a good way.
Now I´m really tired, these two days were exhausting, so warm and the slope and conditions made it physically tough.
After 5 weeks on the road, home will feel so sweet, lying in my own bed and just be. Flying home tomorrow!

Had bib 8 today!

Crowded on the price giving yesterday

Sunny and warm for two days, the organisation made a fantastic job with the slope, they put in 12 tons of salt these days..

I tried the spa when we got here this Wednesday, felt good reading in the jacuzzi and get warmed up in the sauna 🙂



2 thoughts on “Thanks Ofterschwang!

  1. What a great weekend for you! Congratulations on continuing your superb skiing. Your athletic talent and your dedication to training are really coming together in a wonderful way.

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